School is out, please drive safely and enjoy your summer.

Thank You Guardian Glass and KC Trucking for supporting recycling in Ash Township.


Thanks to Boy Scout Troop 508 for their community service.

For information regarding Ash Carleton Little League please click on the link below.


If you take advantage of the Recycling Program here at the Ash Township Hall then this notice is important to you. As you may know this free to-the-taxpayer service is very popular, but the program may be in jeopardy and we are asking you, the user, to help. We ask that ALL MATERIALS BE FLATTENED, prior to depositing (except glass). The Township has a cost of $300+ for each time the dumpster needs to be emptied. When materials (cans, plastic bottles, boxes, etc.) are not flattened we end up trucking off a lot of air. We need to use every inch of the dumpster every time. If we can't limit the number of times the dumpster needs emptied then the program will surely run out of funding much too early in the budget year.

Please do your part and FLATTEN ALL MATERIALS, all the time.

Ash Carleton Little League Information Box

Any questions or concerns please call Marcee Nye at (734) 634-1417 or visit our Little League website at

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